For more than 150 years, Lawrence Hall has been delivering high quality care to abused and neglected youth and their families throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. The agency has not only sustained itself for the duration, but it has redefined how our traumatized youth are educated and treated.

Lawrence Hall is a statewide leader in highly-effective, evidence-based, and innovative therapeutic treatment. The agency’s unique continuum of care, which promotes overall well-being led by an expert staff, has positioned Lawrence Hall to meet the changing and complex needs of youth and families by not only becoming more community-based but by developing more preventative programs that help curb violence in our communities.

Each year Lawrence Hall serves approximately 1,000 youth and families who have suffered severe trauma in their lives. For them, Lawrence Hall is a pathway to success and a better tomorrow. Take a moment to read through these pages to see what Lawrence Hall means to its youth and families. See the change that Lawrence Hall is making in the lives of so many. We encourage you to open your heart to these youth and families and be a part of that change.

We Stand Against Discrimination

Lawrence Hall does not permit, condone, or tolerate discrimination against the clients and families we serve, job applicants or our employees, on the basis of race, gender, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, genetic predisposition, carrier status, age, marital status, family responsibility, military service, veteran's status, or disability (except where the disability would prevent the performance of the essential requirements of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation).