Spring Appeal

GOAL $35,000
ACHIEVED $35,357

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To create lasting change in our communities, we must all be a part of the solution.

So often, we see Lawrence Hall tied to the words “youth and families we serve.” But what if we defined ourselves differently?

What if we’re all considered part of Lawrence Hall? What would happen if we acknowledged that all of us have been through struggles and potentially traumatic experiences? Of course, the childhood traumas our youth have experienced are immense, but what would happen if we refused to single out certain group as “others” and instead embraced a collective responsibility to look out for all of “us”?

To create lasting change in Chicago and the communities around us, we must all be a part of the solution. We all must fight for Chicago’s many different youth and families. We must all see that there are more things we have in common than things that separate us.

This past spring we rallied behind our reactivated Art Therapy program and met our fundraising goal.  Our next Spring Appeal will begin next March 1st, but in the meantime, you can donate to Lawrence Hall's trauma-informed programs and services through the orange "DONATE NOW" button above.

Thank you for your support. There is no “them;” there is only “us.” We are all Lawrence Hall.

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GOAL: $35,000 RAISED: $35,357

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