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Two people found themselves at Lawrence Hall for different reasons: one through no choice of their own as a youth in care and the other compelled to help and join as a staff member. Both left Lawrence Hall — one to go off to college, the other to raise her young family, but Lawrence Hall Associate Board Co-Presidents Jessica Steiner and Joaquin Williams have now "come home."


As Joaquin recounts, when he first came to Lawrence Hall as a kid in 2010, he felt like he was forgotten and tossed aside. Jessica, having volunteered as an Educational Surrogate through the state, joined the direct care team in 2014 to help youth find connection and feel seen.


Despite their different journeys, both Jessica and Joaquin never really left Lawrence Hall. "We have and will always be connected to Lawrence Hall, and thats why we are now Associate Board Co-Presidents, working with other young professionals to provide our youth with activities and a sense of normalcy that many of them have never had."


We invite you to "come home" this holiday season by making a gift to Lawrence Hall, ensuring that our traumatized youth can have the kind of lives many of us take for granted, allowing our youth to grow up where they feel connected, loved, and cared for, and grow into life-affirming community members.


For the fifth consecutive year, The Reva & David Logan Foundation has generously pledged to donate an additional $50,000 if we raise $100,000 by January 31, 2023. The foundation's gift combined with yours will help us sustain our array of life-saving programs.

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