Lawrence Hall School is licensed and approved by the Illinois State Board of Education to serve children ages 5-21 who have been identified with the following disabilities: emotional disability, specific learning disability, traumatic brain injury, intellectual disability and other health impairment. Our educators are committed to promoting a culture that supports learning and student success.

  • Over the last five years, Lawrence Hall’s School has had a graduation rate of above 90%
  • Recognized as a School of Excellence by the National Association of Special Education Teachers for the past four years.
  • Accredited by AdvancED, formerly North Central Association, since 1974
When I came to Lawrence Hall Therapeutic Day School, I was depressed and I could not see my future. I started in art class and, through art, I learned to express myself, learning ways to cope. - Camila*

Lawrence Hall School provides an individualized educational program which prepares our students to be self-reliant, responsible, contributing members of society. We deliver instructional services that allow students to demonstrate individual mastery of academic, vocational and social skill development. Innovative technologies, vocational training, and a comprehensive art program encourage and promote engaged learning.

Bullying Prevention Policy for Lawrence Hall School

Bullying means any physical or verbal act or conduct, including communications made in writing or electronically, directed toward a student or students, and includes:

  • An observed or perceived imbalance of power exists between the person(s) engaged in the bullying behavior(s) and the targeted student(s); and /or student(s) were targeted based on prejudice or bias as defined below.
  • The behaviors are severe or pervasive (repeated over time), or there is a high likelihood that behaviors will be repeated. While bullying is often characterized by repeated acts, sometimes a single incident constitutes bullying depending on the severity and if other elements of bullying are present.
  • The intent of the person(s) engaging in the behavior is to cause physical or emotional harm to the targeted student(s).

All Lawrence Hall School staff work to develop a safe, supportive school environment that prevents bullying of any kind. We teach socio-emotional skills in the classroom, promote relationship-building school-wide, and intervene in trauma-informed ways that ensure the safety of all involved.

For more details, download our anti-bullying policy here.
To report an instance of bullying at Lawrence Hall School, download our bullying reporting form, fill it out digitally or by hand, and send the completed form to the principal or any school staff member.