Through Expressive Therapies such as music therapy, youth are able to tap into their creativity while expressing the emotions from their past. Clinical therapists are able to utilize individualized sessions to provide treatment allowing children to explore their feelings, manage behaviors, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.

Nationally accredited by the American Music Therapy Association, our esteemed Music Therapist works directly with our youth to record music, host talent shows, and perform at community open mic nights and nursing homes.

Application deadlines for the Music Therapy Internship are January 1st for July start dates, and July 1st for January start dates.

*Name has been changed

The staff have been helping me with my music. When I am playing piano, I forget my troubles and enjoy doing something I love. The staff encourages me to pursue my love of music.

- Anthony*
This winter Lawrence Hall led a holiday sing-a-long for the residents of Covenant Home. Singing together is another form of arts engagement, and creates another level playing field that breaks down barriers. Familiar songs not only bring joy but also stimulate memory - and those who may have difficulty orienting themselves to the present or suffer memory loss can almost always perfectly recall the words to the old familiar songs. After the sing-a-long the children performed a talent show. This was fun and a nice rest for our seniors to sit back and enjoy the entertainment - the kids were cute and I was proud of them being so brave to sing and dance in front of an audience. I am a firm believer that public performance is an essential life skill, and I am sure that they gained confidence and useful experience through this endeavor.

- Testimonial from our Partner at Covenant Home Nursing Home