The Foster Care Program is Lawrence Hall’s largest program, annually serving nearly 200 youth from birth until 21 years through:

  • Home of Relative Care
  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Specialized Foster Care
  • Treatment Foster Family Care

The program provides safe, nurturing homes for children who have been removed from their birth families due to abuse and/or neglect. These experiences are extremely traumatic for the youth. Lawrence Hall takes every measure to ensure that the foster child is provided with supportive foster parents and caseworkers that are sensitive to that trauma. In addition, children receive additional supports in the form of individual and family therapy. The child’s successful transition to their long term placement, whether it is to their birth family, guardianship, or adoption resource, is aided by these supports.

Lawrence Hall found me foster parents who love and take care of me when my own family was not able to. I love my foster family. - Josie*

Providing the support to overcome past trauma is critical to breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect. Studies show that a child who has been the victim of abuse is three times more likely to become an abuser. Protective and nurturing programs like Lawrence Hall’s Foster Program are critical to changing outcome.

Lawrence Hall’s Foster Care Program takes great care in selecting foster parents who are able to provide the special care our traumatized youth need. In turn, Lawrence Hall provides generous support and training for those foster parents.

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