Therapeutic Recreation combines treatment, recreation, and leisure activities to help youth develop specific skills including: social skills, managing emotions in constructive ways, honing cognitive skills, and enhancing physical fitness or coordination. Our experienced Therapeutic Recreation staff serves youth through groups, one on one sessions, sports teams, and community activities. Our dedicated staff helps our youth to feel their best. The relationships they build with staff help with their social skills, weight loss, and guide them into making smart nutritional choices.

Lawrence Hall youth have the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive sports teams. Our teams throughout the year include: basketball, softball, track, volleyball, and swimming. Youth get the experience of competing as a team against other agencies in a supportive environment. Games and competitions take place on campus as well as at other agencies and in the community. Our youth and accompanying staff travel across Illinois to participate in All-Star games and bowling tournaments.

Therapeutic Recreation also provides our youth with unique experiences such as fishing, kayaking, biking, and even sailing. Many of our youth have not had these normal “kid” rites of passage prior to coming to Lawrence Hall. The life lessons learned and fun had during these particular outings can help heal, bring joy, and up self-confidence.

“Sailing with my friends and our TR staff is my favorite part of summer. I even got the chance to drive the sail boat!”- *Owen