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Hope. Healing. Resilience.

We are Lawrence Hall.

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Our Mission

Lawrence Hall is a community based service agency embracing at-risk youth and their families by instilling resilience, healing and changing lives for good.

Our Vision

Hope, healing and resiliency for children.

Featured Story - Dream BIG

For some, graduating from high school, going to college, and, perhaps, studying abroad for a semester is just part of one’s path to secure employment and a successful career. But for many youth who may not come from means or have a support system of family, friends, mentors, and community, the thought of just getting through high school, let alone college, seems like an impossible dream. Willieka M. (19 years old) doesn’t come from a place where many in her community seek higher education, and in her own life she had experienced some traumatic events that could have given her reason to give up any thought of education and succumb to being a victim of her circumstances. But with a thirst for knowledge, family members instilling the importance of education, and her desire to move beyond her current situation, Willieka set herself the goal of not only going to college but also studying abroad.