Lawrence Hall welcomes enthusiastic volunteers. Each year, hundreds of volunteers complete thousands of volunteer hours. Volunteers are the backbone of our existence. Your donation of time will help us improve the quality of life for the nearly 1,000 youth and families that we serve each year. You can make a difference.

Volunteer Requirements:

(Due to the fact that the volunteerism involves working with children, all volunteers must complete all volunteer requirements stated above.)

Volunteer Opportunities include:

Volunteer Application Process Overview:

  • Complete Volunteer Application.
  • Submit Volunteer Character Reference form from all three personal references.
  • Submit a background check and await approval.
  • Schedule an appointment with our Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Attend required orientation and training (provided free of charge by Lawrence Hall).
  • Start making a difference at Lawrence Hall!

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please Email Hailey Nicewanner or call (773)769-3500